Witek Nawara

With a degree in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology, Witek knows how to deal with complex and abstract problems. During his internship at the nuclear reactor in Sydney and graduation at the Reactor Institute in Delft, he worked on complex mathematical and physical challenges.

Next to his study, Witek co-founded a gymnastics association and he participated in the board of the physics study association. His passion for sharing knowledge is shown by his activity as gymnastics teacher and mathematics tutor.

Witek has always had an interest in the technology industry. During his prior career at Eternal Sun and Spire Solar, a global player in the solar industry, he trained customers on solar panel testing. As customer service manager he and his team provided global support. To support the company strategy, he created insights by developing management dashboards.

In his free time he loves being active outdoors. He climbed alpine mountains, high altitude glaciers, and multiple active volcanoes.


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Witek Nawara