Wenxin Lin

Wenxin obtained a bachelor degree in Econometrics and is currently a master student in Business Analytics and Operations Research at Tilburg University. What started for her as an interest in mathematics, developed into a deep interest for data science and programming during her studies. She loves to solve complex problems using her analytical skills and is eager to learn more about strategy consulting and the application of data science in decision making as an intern at BLOOM.

For her thesis, Wenxin worked on an optimisation method for entity resolution in large databases. Next to her studies, Wenxin enjoyed being active at her study association and developed great communication and organisational skills during her board year and while organising the Landelijke Econometristendag (LED). She is excited to put these skills into practice at BLOOM in combination with the theoretical knowledge she acquired during her studies.

In her free time, Wenxin loves to go for a run outside, cook some delicious meals and meet with her friends.


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