Robin Gevers

Throughout his studies, Robin has always been eager to gather new experiences and he is always on the lookout for opportunities to learn new things. In his studies, he has worked extensively on solving complex and abstract problems as a Master student Applied Physics at Delft University of Technology. In his Master thesis he used Monte Carlo method simulations to predict the interactions of protons in radiotherapy and created 3D printed phantoms that allow for verification of the simulations. In his studies he got to see the importance of data science and information technology for the scientific world and now, Robin is working as an intern at BLOOM to learn as much as possible about the application of data science in strategy consulting.

Next to his studies, Robin worked as a high-school teacher, sparking the enthusiasm of fourteen-year olds for biology. He has also been part of many committees and advisory boards for different associations. Robin was active for one year as the president of the board of the study association, where he created a strategy for the association to grow and thereby profit from the increasing number of students.

Outside of the office, Robin can be found doing all kinds of sports: running, cycling, football and skiing, on top of that he is always open to try new sports. He also has a passion for board games and likes to travel.


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