Paul Bakker

Paul holds an MSc in Computer Engineering from Delft University of Technology (cum laude). During his studies, he learned how to squeeze the maximum out of high-performance computing platforms and developed an interest in data science. He graduated in the Neuroscience department of Erasmus MC, where he helped neurologists analyse their data faster.

Next to his studies, Paul took part in several committees for his student association and worked in jobs ranging from an IT service provider to working as a mathematics and physics tutor. Whenever possible, he took the chance to grab a plane and travel around the globe.

Paul likes to combine his love for data and technology to work on complex problems in the online world and attain the highest possible results for our clients.

In his free time, Paul likes being outdoors, especially in the mountains. After his graduation, he participated in a mountaineering course in the Himalayas, and went on several high-altitude expeditions. On shorter stretches of free time, Paul can be found in the boulder hall or on the tennis court.


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