Michiel Aarts

Michiel is an Aerospace Engineering master student at Delft University of Technology. During his studies, he was introduced to data science, which immediately sparked his interest. As an intern at BLOOM, Michiel puts his analytical skills in practice to deliver creative solutions for data problems.

In 2019, Michiel was part of the solar car team of Delft University of Technology, racing in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. As the race strategist, he used the real-time data from the solar car, NunaX, in combination with the weather predictions to make split-second tactical decisions.

In his spare time, he loves to travel the world. When not abroad, he likes to go sailing or road cycling with his friends, and to cook when the weather is less fortunate. As he enjoys a sportive challenge, Michiel also finished the Ringvaart Regatta, a 100km rowing-marathon.


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