Floris van der Gronden

Floris has worked extensively on solving complex and abstract problems as a master student Applied Physics at Delft University of Technology. Making computer simulations and analysing their output sparked his interest in the fields of information theory and data science. Floris currently works as an intern at BLOOM to acquaint himself with the application of data science in strategy consulting.

Floris has found his enthusiasm for the continued process of learning during his studies. By being active at various jobs in teaching and working on the evaluation of the study program during his board year of the physics association, he continued to help others thrive. He is currently involved through advisory groups, in one of which he recently initiated a coaching process for board members regarding personal development. Floris continues looking for opportunities to share his knowledge, positive energy, and creativity.

Floris likes to spend his free time on making music and on field hockey. After his internship he will continue his studies with a graduation project in quantum computing at Delft University of Technology.


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