Eric Klaassen

Eric has over 15 years of experience in growing internet companies. Before founding BLOOM, he was active as a growth strategy consultant at VODW and as digital strategy consultant at Harvest, which was acquired by Naspers (OLX). He worked for countless clients in the internet business, including well known marketplaces, media players and online retailers.

In parallel to working as consultant, Eric launched a number of successful internet concepts (most recently: Crisp, an online supermarket for high quality food). This vastly expanded his hands-on knowledge on scaling online businesses using a data-driven approach. He is now regarded as an expert in online growth strategy, and published in several business and tech journals. As a business mentor he supports startups to fuel their growth.

Eric holds a master from the School of Business & Economics at VU University Amsterdam and followed an MBA programme in the United States.

Eric started programming in 1991 in GW-BASIC and created his first website at the age of 11.


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Eric Klaassen