Chantal Kool

Chantal is an Applied Mathematician who graduated with distinction from the University of Edinburgh. She loves to use data, her endless enthusiasm, and her analytical skills to help clients achieve their full potential. Her MSc dissertation was written on algorithms that predict the most important nodes in a network. This involved not only diving into the
theoretical fundamentals, but also applying this abstract fundament to predict the busiest stations in the London Underground network.

During her studies, Chantal shared her knowledge by teaching courses and mentoring first-year students and was a part of the programme committee. She developed her leadership skills during a board year and put her love for data into practice by improving the Google Ads and social media campaigns of one of the largest telecom webshops in the Netherlands.

In her spare time Chantal enjoys trying out many different pastimes, including making music, karting, acting and climbing. When at home she enjoys spending time on entrepreneurship, the latest technological innovations and reading books.


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