Allard van Mossel

Our data science specialist Allard van Mossel has years of experience in probabilistic programming, computational modelling, and machine learning. He holds an MSc in Science and Innovation Management (cum laude) from Utrecht University.

Allard combines knowledge of mathematics, physics, and programming to design and build custom solutions to complex business problems. Thanks to his background in management and entrepreneurship he also implements solutions effectively in a business setting.

In recent years, Allard worked as Strategy Consultant and Data Scientist with an industry-leading online marketplace. He also designed and implemented state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for various internet businesses.

In addition, Allard is an award-winning researcher and lecturer. His academic work is focused on the way organisations adapt to changes in their strategic environment. He has previously studied how entrepreneurs create new ventures from scratch at Columbia University, New York.


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Allard van Mossel