Our team consists of analytical experts

The BLOOM team has years of experience in data-driven strategy consulting, and developed knowledge of the digital landscape while working for international players and A-brands. All team members have hands-on entrepreneurial experience – and the ability to translate strategy to actions with impact.

Merlin de Graaf

Merlin de Graaf

Merlin is a true entrepreneur with a background in corporate finance. As co-founder of BLOOM she helped many companies to achieve double digit growth.

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Ron van den Akker

Ron van den Akker

Ron started his career at strategy consulting firm McKinsey and since then set up several (online) ventures. At BLOOM he enjoys bringing these worlds together. 

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Allard van Mossel

Allard van Mossel

Allard is a data science and machine learning expert. He thrives on complex business challenges that require custom-made big data solutions.

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Eric Klaassen

Eric Klaassen

Eric founded BLOOM after a decade as digital strategy consultant for leading companies. He is experienced in scaling internet ventures.

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Timo Polman

Timo Polman

Timo uses his analytical capacity and technical knowledge to generate smart insights from data – always focused on sustainable online growth for our clients.

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Fabian van Luyn

Fabian van Luyn

Fabian has a technical academic background. His advanced analytics skills are complemented with business acumen to drive results for our clients.

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Witek Nawara

Witek Nawara

Witek is a Nuclear Physicist from Delft University of Technology. He loves converting abstract data into clear insights whilst having a customer centric mindset.

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Juno Bijlard

Juno is an Industrial Engineer who loves to solve complex problems. At BLOOM, he uses a data-driven approach to create actionable insights.

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Paul Bakker

Paul Bakker

Paul is a Computer Engineer who graduated from Delft University of Technology – now using his technical skills to shape our clients’ strategies.

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Susanne van der Arend

Susanne is a strong organiser – and highly interested in what data can do for customers. She supports the BLOOM team as an Office & Operations Manager.

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Jochem Kest

Jochem is an Econometrician with an academic background in engineering. He loves combining modeling and data-analysis to solve complex business problems.

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Pim Blom

Pim loves working at the intersection of strategy and data science. He combines this with his Econometrics background in order to help clients grow and advance.

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Floris van der Gronden

Floris is a Quantum Physicist from Delft University of Technology. He is always eager to apply his analytical skills to develop data-driven strategies.

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Chantal Kool

Chantal is an enthusiastic Applied Mathematician from the University of Edinburgh. She loves turning large amounts of data into concrete business strategies.

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Mike de Leeuw

Mike is an engineering physicist from Delft who derives enormous pleasure from producing customer-centric solutions using a data-driven approach.

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Charlotte van der Heide

Charlotte is a master student in Econometrics and Management Science. She thrives in a world where she can use data to solve complex problems.

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Gerben Houtsma

Gerben is pursuing a master’s degree in Econometrics. His passion for data and entrepreneurship drives him to make sure our clients are always one step ahead.

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