We help online startups scale

by consulting, mentoring and investing

Scaling Ventures

At BLOOM, we have an entrepreneurial team and mindset – which translates into the pragmatic and results-driven way in which we approach projects. This entrepreneurial drive also drives us to proudly use our expertise to scale startups.

We support the growth of startups by consulting, mentoring and – in some cases – investing. We sometimes acquire a minor stake in a startup in exchange for our services and engage with them in long-term partnerships.

We don’t support just any startup. Some of these startups actively strive to make the world a better place, by enabling the sharing economy or by bringing people together in collective actions. Other startups have that ambition and entrepreneurial drive, to which we at BLOOM much relate.

A selection of the startups we’ve helped to scale

Crowdacting platform

Sports matching app

Online retailer in football

Peer-to-peer lending platform