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Predictive analytics & Personalisation

Leading online companies use the wealth of available customer data to provide the best experience for every customer. Growing content and product catalogues can leave customers overwhelmed and frustrated. It’s not that the right content, product, or experience is not there – but what they saw just was not right for them.

Recent advances in data science make it possible to personalise messages, visuals, and offers for each individual customer – but also to provide unique experiences that were not possible before. For example, exceptional companies may now offer:

  • Improved search, by personalising the results order on a comparison website
  • More relevant content, by matching product recommendations with the user’s interests on an ecommerce platform or marketplace
  • Higher engagement, by activating users with a personalised message at just the right time
  • Better experiences, by providing an estimate of a third party’s response to a customer’s request on a B2C platform

For many companies, however, a one-size-fits-all approach to these features does not work well due to the specifics of their industry, products, customers, or data. BLOOM has helped leading online companies and promising startups achieve cutting-edge results with predictive analytics and personalisation with tailor-made custom solutions.

We are impressed with BLOOM’s in depth knowledge about data analytics and machine learning. Their algorithm provides a better solution for our customers and stimulates our growth even further.- Maurits Koopman, Founder of ScanMovers

A selection of our predictive analytics & personalisation cases