We help you expand internationally

by using data to determine which countries to expand to and how

Data-driven international expansion

BLOOM helps companies shape their international expansion strategy. In other words, we help you determine which countries to expand to and how. As always, we do this in a data-driven fashion.

Components of this type of project generally include (but are not limited to):

  • (Online) market sizing: in addition to standard reports and publicly available data, we use scraping and online traffic tools to estimate market sizes and market size development
  • Competitive landscape: we use various online tools to estimate the competitive pressure in each market (based on traffic data, trends in customer acquisition costs, etc.). We also quantitatively and qualitatively analyse the would-be competitors in each market and assess your chances of success within this landscape. Linked to this, we can also advise on your M&A opportunities (see also our Digital Due Diligence approach)
  • Trends & disruptions: we look at the potential implications of relevant megatrends and local disruptors for your chances of success in each market
  • Implementation roadmap: we do not stop with an advise on where to go – we also help you shape an actionable implementation roadmap and can help you kick start the expansion process with setting up local MVPs

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BLOOM helped us with an international market exploration (...) The cooperation was professional and very pleasant. BLOOM complemented our own experience with a strong drive, online focus, and knowledge of the international e-commerce world.- Remko Zuidgeest, Director International Expansion at Emesa

Example case: International Expansion