We help you set prices

by using data to help you with your pricing and monetisation challenges

(Dynamic) Pricing & monetisation

Strategic pricing with the customer in mind is of key importance in the adoption of an online product or service. Furthermore, companies can benefit from implementing online dynamic pricing to test a range of prices and find the optimal price point.

BLOOM has experience in supporting clients with their pricing strategy from start to finish.

  • First, we can conceptually support you in developing your pricing strategy and model. We help you think about different monetisation approaches, key pricing metrics, and packages and bundles
  • We test the implications of the strategy by e.g. building a flexible financial model and/or by performing a conjoint analysis
  • We even go further and build custom dynamic (machine learning) pricing models that continuously update the pricing, depending on current market demands

“Working with the BLOOM team on our pricing strategy was a great experience. We were impressed by their hands-on experience and profound analyses, that delivered practically useful results for our next growth phase.” - Vincent Karremans, CEO Magnet.me

A selection of our (dynamic) pricing & monetisation cases