We help build data-driven organisations

by setting up data infrastructures and transferring knowledge

Data Capability Building

Almost every BLOOM project contains an element of capability building: we do not just answer your strategic and data questions and leave the building. We aim to make our solutions last by transferring our knowledge to your team or by leaving behind a data infrastructure. 

That said, BLOOM also offers projects specifically designed for building data capabilities. This takes different forms:

  • Data (science) training. For example, the BLOOM ML Bootcamp – a 2-day course that takes you through the entire process of building and deploying several machine learning algorithms. BLOOM organises regular open trainings, but also organises company-exclusive editions. Learn more on our ML Bootcamp page.
  • Data foundations. BLOOM and the wider VIQTOR DAVIS group can set up a data infrastructure suitable for companies at every stage – from startup to corporate. What is more, BLOOM/VIQTOR DAVIS can also take care of your data management, data quality, and data security needs.
  • Data strategy & organisation. BLOOM can help define your data strategy and advise on how to structure and build a scalable data-driven organisation. In certain cases, a BLOOM colleague can take an interim data lead role to kick-start this process.


For more information on BLOOM’s data capability building services, email us at info@bloomamsterdam.com

“BLOOM help was a game changer for our Data Science team during this intense scale-up phase of Vinted. They have helped us both to satisfy rapidly increasing demand for analytical resources and to improve its quality in a very short period of time.”- Artūras Baravykas, Strategy and Analytics Director at Vinted