We help you increase revenues

by understanding, predicting, and growing your customer lifetime value

Customer Value, Acquisition & Retention

In order to become profitable, companies need to ensure they earn more than they spend on acquiring their customers. In online terms: the customer lifetime value (CLV) should be higher than the cost per acquired customer (CPA). While this may seem like a very logical and obvious principle to adhere, it is not so straightforward to calculate these metrics – let alone to influence them in the right direction.

BLOOM has years of experience in increasing customer value, optimising acquisition & improving retention, for example by:

  • Developing client-specific frameworks for calculating CLV and CPA
  • Analysing the underlying drivers of customer value
  • Recommending initiatives to impact these drivers

By using a data-driven approach and giving actionable advice, we help companies attract and retain valuable customers for the right price.

“BLOOM is highly recommendable: strategic expertise complemented with the right digital knowledge at hand.” - Tom Peeters, Co-founder & MD Westwing Home & Living

A selection of our Customer Value, Acquisition & Retention cases