We support investors

by clearly laying out the relative merit of AI-enabled targets

AI due diligence

Investing in a seemingly promising AI start-up only to find out their AI expertise was heavily exaggerated can be costly. Simultaneously, asking the right questions to find out which start-ups are the real deal, requires a deep understanding of Machine Learning. 

For this reason, BLOOM supports investors and companies that are interested in acquiring a target that claims to leverage AI and/or Machine Learning for its business.

BLOOM is an expert in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In addition to technical expertise, BLOOM is equipped with a strong understanding of strategy, shaped by previous consulting work for many promising start-ups, and vast experience in digital Due Diligence. This combination of proficiency in AI as well as strategy enables BLOOM to assess the true value of AI in a company, using the TOD-framework:

  1. Technology. Assessment of the quality of the target’s algorithms, usage and client scalability, and the ML infrastructure.
  2. Organisation. Assessment of the organisational setup in terms of structure, processes, skills, and culture.
  3. Defensibility. Assessment of the target’s data and knowledge “moats” – i.e. what is their competitive position in terms of data and AI?

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