We help companies grow online

BLOOM combines strategy and data science to accelerate digital growth

What makes us different

  • We combine strategy consulting and data science: we use data to inform strategy, and bring a strategic angle to every data project
  • We leave behind tangible results and tools: whether it’s an MVP, dashboard, action plan, or machine learning algorithm. And we train our clients on how to use them
  • We are entrepreneurs: we have started our own online ventures and helped scale others
  • We can go custom: we use existing tools and machine learning algorithms where we can – and develop new algorithms where they are needed

What we do well(not exhaustive)

What our clients say

“BLOOM are always the smartest guys in the room; fast, accurate, driven and relentless. They find business relevant insights, communicate them clearly and are able to action and execute, not just ‘consult’. Always a pleasure.” - Alex Hutley, Co-Founder of Shedd
“BLOOM’s digital knowledge and expertise helped us to create an actionable strategy. We appreciated BLOOM’s way of working: a combination of analytical rigour, and a no-nonsense pragmatic approach with a personal touch.”- Roland Wiedhaup, eCommerce Team Lead at Friesland Campina
“BLOOM has a true added value compared to other players, in terms of mentality, spirit and cooperation. The team brought their expertise of the online auction & marketplace industry to the table, and helped us to move forward quickly.”- Ghislaine Duijmelings, CEO at Troostwijk Auctions
“The BLOOM-team provided very actionable insights to speed up the growth of our classifieds platform. I very much appreciated their analytical rigor, flexibility and extensive knowledge of our business.”- Giancarlo Bonsel, CEO OLX Philippines