Digitally fuelled growth plan

Troostwijk Auctions

Troostwijk is a successful international auctioneer for B2B products like heavy machinery and industrial The company has offices in 15 European countries and auctions over 500,000 lots per year.

In the past years, the market for online B2B auctions and classifieds has been growing tremendously. As a result, many new initiatives have been launched in the auction and marketplace space. Being a strong incumbent, Troostwijk has a rich variety of possibilities to further grow the company. In order to decide on which growth opportunities Troostwijk should focus, an in-depth analysis of the current business and the market was required.

BLOOM supported Troostwijk by combining customer, market and business insights. To find these insights we combined trends in business models and market developments, with analysis of customer data. By analysing over 15 million rows of data we revealed the most relevant product categories, high-potential customer segments, and fast-growing markets.

Using the abundant amount of data that Troostwijk collected, BLOOM could advise Troostwijk’s management team on their growth strategy. The result for Troostwijk was a concrete strategic action plan for product, technology, sales and marketing, that is currently put into effect.

BLOOM has a true added value compared to other players, in terms of mentality, spirit and cooperation. The team brought their expertise of the online auction & marketplace industry to the table, and helped us to move forward quickly. Thorough analyses of data previously untapped helped us in making solid strategic decisions and implement concrete actions.
– Ghislaine Duijmelings, CEO at Troostwijk Auctions

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