Product-market fit validation

Philips Digital AcceleratorPhilips

Philips Personal Care launched a corporate accelerator for digital-related venture projects. Small internal teams work on selected projects at an external location for a fixed time period. At the end, these teams pitch their ideas and the most promising projects are executed within their respective business units. Goal is to realise innovative ideas and increase innovation capacity and speed. BLOOM supported one of the selected ventures in the accelerator. The challenge of this project was to find a product-market fit for a digital skincare solution.

BLOOM supported with exploring a digital skincare solution as part of our accelerator program. During this 3-month project, the team worked as a true lean start-up doing weekly user tests and iterating the product based on learnings of the week before. BLOOM showcased a deep understanding of generating consumer insight, idea generation, behavioural design. Their online expertise in combination with their experience of working with both large corporates and startups was a great fit and need for Philips.
– Marinus van Diggelen, Senior Digital Consumer Marketing Manager, Category Beauty

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