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Peerby is the largest online product sharing platform that lets users borrow and rent items from their neighbours. Products that are popular on the platform range from party gear to projectors and from power washers to cargo bikes. By promoting (re)use of products and reducing the amount of new products needed, Peerby contributes to the circular economy.

BLOOM supported Peerby with several questions around data science and analytics. Three highlighted projects:

  • Building a Machine Learning model to predict a users likelihood to respond to a rental request. This helped Peerby to optimise the number of potential suppliers to contact for each rental request
  • Developing a calculation method for Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Using CLV, we identified the value differences between users who were mostly renting out, and users who were mostly borrowing, and we spotted valuable and overly costly marketing channels
  • Creating a Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) model for suppliers. This helped the Supplier Success team to segment their supplier base as well as to make better decisions on which users to send which messages

The overall project has enabled Peerby to make several data-driven key decisions around their marketing and customer communication.

BLOOM helped us analyse, understand and optimise some of the most important metrics of our business
– Daan Weddepohl, CEO and founder of Peerby

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