Data-driven growth initiatives

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OrderIn is one of the largest food delivery companies in South Africa. They are present in all the major cities and have over 1,500 restaurants on their platform, including all the major chains and independent eateries.

The company asked for our support to grow even faster. In order to do so, BLOOM has supported OrderIn through various growth initiatives in a short period of time. These projects included:

Scaling online marketing to drive customer acquisition
BLOOM guided the development team in improving the tracking and attribution infrastructure. We then created and implemented a performance marketing strategy that revolved around experimentation and rapid learning. This ensured that performance marketing was ready to handle an order of magnitude more spend.

Data-driven geographical expansion strategy
We determined the key drivers that make geographical areas perform well and visualised the attractiveness of regions on dashboards. This helped the business development teams rapidly prioritise the boroughs in which to connect new restaurants.

Defining and visualising key performance metrics
We trained and guided the departmental heads in defining and selecting the metrics that they should measure and improve on, and subsequently visualised these KPIs in dashboards. This ensured that teams focused on metrics that are well aligned with the business objectives.
The project resulted in an overall acceleration of growth of both customers and restaurants.

BLOOM, the best data-driven agency globally. Period!

– Dinesh Patel, Founder & CEO of OrderIn

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