New data-driven way of working


KPN is the number one telco in The Netherlands, operating brands like KPN, Telfort, XS4All and Simyo. To stay ahead of the competition, KPN wanted to innovate even faster on their online assets. In a close cooperation with the KPN teams, BLOOM introduced a way of working that has resemblances with how startups operate: fast, agile, smart. By working data-driven and hypothesis-based, we ensured that every set of experiments had a substantial impact on business results.

BLOOM has supported us to bring the best-in-class online management principles from startups and fast-growing companies into the organisation. With the support of BLOOM, KPN started working in cross-functional teams delivering minimum viable products (MVPs). The teams within KPN enjoyed working with BLOOM, who brought in their expertise, and left behind a way of working that is sustainable (including a cookbook) and now widely adopted at Consumer Market. The result for KPN is a more agile and fast way of working, based on experiments and data. I can highly recommend BLOOM, as they are professional and a pleasure to work with.
– Marie-José van den Boomgaard, Manager Digital Transformation KPN

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