Go-to-market strategy

Funda in Business

Funda is the largest real estate marketplace in the Netherlands. For both their consumer and their commercial real estate platform (Funda in Business), Funda aims and succeeds to be the undisputed market leader.

Funda is considering developing a proposition for a new market and asked BLOOM to research the opportunity. The BLOOM team investigated the strategic market value, the needs and challenges of market players and the competitive landscape; concluding that Funda should actively move into this new market. Consequently, BLOOM developed a specific go-to-market strategy for this proposition, including a revenue model and a product and sales roadmap.

BLOOM has helped us with the opportunity sizing and formulation of a go-to-market strategy for a possible new proposition on our commercial real estate platform. In a short period of time they have managed to not only do extensive qualitative and quantitative research but were also able synthesize and present their findings in a structured and convincing way. BLOOM stands out in their data driven and pragmatic approach while also being very pleasant to work with.
– Tjerk de Boer, Head of Strategy & Business Development at Funda

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