Seller growth strategy


Catawiki is an online auction marketplace for unique objects: from stamps to classic cars, wine to watches, and archeological finds to modern art. All items are screened by an international team of experts, to guarantee a varied and high-quality selection of lots. The Dutch company was the fastest-growing tech company in Europe in 2015 (Deloitte Technology Fast 500) and currently has 10 million unique monthly visitors, with around 650 employees working from 8 offices across Europe.

As a marketplace, Catawiki is continuously working to preserve its ideal balance in supply and demand. The company has developed state-of-the-art solutions to achieve this, which is reflected in its rapid growth over the past years. To facilitate an additional increase in sellers on the platform,
Catawiki asked BLOOM to identify and kick-start the biggest untapped pockets of growth.

BLOOM used its industry expertise to identify and structure all seller growth opportunities, which were then sized based on data analysis. Focusing on the largest opportunities, experiments were set up together with product, sales and marketing teams to test our hypotheses. All analyses, experiments and results were discussed in a regular cross-functional stand-up with senior Catawiki team members, to ensure alignment and speed up implementation.

The BLOOM team was able to drive significant impact on our key metrics within a relatively short timeframe, by using their strong data analysis skills and actively involving our team members from across the organisation – product, marketing, data and tech. Working with BLOOM was a pleasure. Their experience with online marketplaces was essential for getting up to speed quickly. Also, we felt like the BLOOM team integrated naturally into our organisational culture: every step was a joint effort and they succeeded in leaving behind a sustainable way of working.
– Ilse Kamps, Former CEO at Catawiki

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