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Who do we look for?
You want to make a difference for our clients, and the world. To do so, you have the analytical and conceptual capabilities of a top-tier strategy consultant, with the commercial gut-feel and drive of a true entrepreneur. Just like the rest of the team, you are curious, open, and street-smart with a professional attitude.

What will you do?
From day one, you will actively participate in projects with BLOOM colleagues and receive significant responsibilities. You will work for Dutch and international clients, with the possibility to work abroad. You work with the management of companies that BLOOM works for, all leading players in their field. Furthermore, we expect you to actively take part in the strategy of our own company.

To underpin strategic decisions for our clients, you combine analytical thinking and creative solutions. You will do so by:

  • Analysing. Consult experts, collect data and generate insights. Uncover hidden gems by analysing data and modelling future scenarios.
  • Structuring. Structure complex problems, map possible solutions and present them to our clients.
  • Creating. Develop ideas and business cases for potential new revenue streams. Make strategic choices and determine the growth strategy.
  • Implementing. Lead by example and obtain high-quality results for our clients.

What will you learn?
The personal and professional development of consultants is key to us. You will get extensive personal guidance and training. At BLOOM you will contribute to the success and rapid growth of our company. We stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship and growth. During the development of your general consulting skills, you will gradually become a knowledge leader on a subject.

Development opportunities

  • Becoming an outstanding strategy consultant, while staying ahead of the curve in the digital landscape
  • Continuous coaching, quarterly evaluation and regular trainings
  • Knowledge sessions about various topics every month – from Startup Valuation to A/B Testing and Big Data to Quantum Mechanics
  • Team activities every few weeks

Get to know us
We love to meet talent – either just graduated or with relevant working experience. We invite you to contact us or apply for a job or internship directly. Reach out on referring to Eric Klaassen, or follow us on:  LinkedIn  Facebook

Current vacancies


Strategy consulting, Data science
Bachelor/Master student
28-40 hours per week
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Strategy Consultant

Strategy consulting
0-1 year experience
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Consultant Data Science

Data science
2+ years experience
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Senior Consultant

Strategy consulting, Data science
4+ years experience
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